Monday, November 28, 2011

Now this is taking blogging into a new sphere: First the comment and then read the BLOG.
I was so impressed by this commenters comment (Angry Irishman) I am giving it place on my blog.
The host: 'The Sovereign Independent' is a really great read and has some great posts so I encourage you to 'bookmark' it and visit - even 'subscribe'. They also have a 'Paper' (Tabloid)
The objective of the Sovereign Independent is to provide critical news, information and education which the mainstream media often refuse to print regarding the direction Ireland, the UK and the wider world is heading and the increasing loss of sovereignty and independence spreading across the globe.
I believe, but am up for correction, that the paper and web is contribution driven.
That said:

Angry Irishman: Reply to sovereignindependent's

Angry Irish Citizen Writes to every Government Minister ….. and asks fellow Citizens to Circulate Widely !

November 27, 2011 at 20:53
The likely response to that letter in the corridors of power will be a condescending snigger. They have no respect whatsoever for us and are fully of the opinion that they can simply do what they like, and if we don’t swallow it, then the full force of the state will do its utmost to ensure we do.
“Mark my words, we can only be bullied and lied to and robbed and pushed so far…..”
That is why each and every government currently selling out its people has taken steps to protect themselves. Riot training, detention centres, surveillance, the dissemination of propaganda from all the usual sources, all deployed in the war of betrayal against the sovereign people of each nation.
As for the boys in blue, I get the sneaking suspicion that the guards that are happily cracking skulls for Shell would do it for free should no other opportunity present itself for laying into defenceless people so I very much doubt that those attracted to a life of authoritarianism will have much sympathy for whatever slings, arrows or outright injustices we are forced through no choice of our own to endure. The fact of the matter is that whatever schemes are passed to them to enforce, they will do so blindly. There will of course be those who joined for the right reasons but will find themselves marginalised, ostracised and generally kept away from any situation where their consciences might interfere. How many of them will “down tools”, refuse to comply and join their countrymen will remain to be seen should the Irish people finally awaken en masse.
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