Friday, February 25, 2011


Ian Bone (Ian


An eagle eyed ‘radicle’ has posted on indymedia uk the photo below of one of the van’s of the unit that kettled the anarchists in Birmingham on Sunday. The Latin  quote is attributed to Caligula and is translated as ‘Let them hate as long as they fear’.
"Let them hate so long as they fear" - Caligua, or West Midlands police even
No permission was requested for this item, But I urge you to go to Ian bone' site and take a look for yourself. Thanks Ian it is all in a good cause.
Ian does not necessarily agree nor support my views I am merely borrowing his whole article and giving Ian Bone the credit and applause.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make it cool to have less stuff

Prince called on the EU to "make it cool to have less stuff".
Well kettle calling pot black; to coin a phrase, this is not a racist phrase but one that can eloquently describe Prince Charles.

It is one of his latest statements that call for his ‘Mom's’ subjects to do with ‘LESS’. I think he aught to look in his own back yard before he makes this type of statement, and while he is at it do a little research on the subject matter.

Years ago, we subjects used to have quirky little names for our monarchs but this stopped for some reason.

I’ll give you a few examples, and because it was not just in England I will throw a few other ones in too. Remember though, we in Britain where considered French at one time, not a lot of people know that.
George IV 1762 – 1830 ‘The Beau of Princes’
Malcolm III King of Scotland c1030 -1093 ‘Malcolm Big Head’
Edward Prince of Wales 1330 – 1376 ‘ Edward the black Prince’
Mary I Queen of England 1516 – 1558 ‘Bloody Mary’
Henry VIII King of England 1491 – 1547 ‘Bluff King Hal’
Charles Edward Stuart, pretender to the English throne 1720 –1788 ‘Bonnie Prince Charles’
Anne, Queen of England 1665 – 1714 ‘Brandy Nan’
King Cole ‘Coel the Old’
Edward VII King of England 1841 – 1910 ‘Edward the Caresser’
Richard III King of England 1452 – 1485 ‘Richard Crookback’
Clovis II, Merovingian King c634 – 657 ‘Clovis the do nothing King’
Hugh, Lord of Douglas 1294 – 1342 ‘Hugh the Dull’
Sophia Charlotte mistress of K. George I of England ‘Sophia Charlotte the elephant’
Philip II King of France 1165 – 1223 ‘Philip the Magnanimous’

Well you get my drift. The monarchs all around the globe have for too long been interbreeding to the point we have been left with such as we have.
Charles’ Dad the queens consort is not much brighter than a one Watt bulb, The Queen has just given everything we have over to just about anyone who will take it, so she can have a quiet life and Charles, after leading a life with everything his mummies money can buy, position and touring the world: It’s a hard life Charlie. He has the kahooners to tell us we should do with ‘LESS’.

Well Charles, If you think you are up to it, take charge and give the people of this beautiful country its land, freedom and wealth back. Tell the EU where to get off and take the scabby donkey it rode in with it.

Otherwise LIVE with the name that could come your way.
Charles the never was’.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here's a great video that is humorous and informs.

We all know this and yet take no action.

Enjoy and sent it to all your friends.

Namaste Phil:

Here is the link The government can and do!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

For those of you who are not aware, there is a newspaper that strives to report news that is honest and poignant. This publication and a few others are my main starting place for information.

You will find the publication web site at . Here you will find may interesting articles that are as unbiased as the media can be.
I trust the editors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson.

One can subscribe to or donate to get the physical paper (£1 each copy or £12 for the year).

The information is invaluable for those who are just waking up to those who wish to keep abreast of the current lies and deceit our 'so called' leaders are telling us. The reporters are, as far as I can tell, are independent and quite often use items that are obfuscated from the general public, sometimes but not always because the stories are embarrassing to the PTB.

I believe that our leaders spend more time trying to find a 'different' way to tell us the truth, one that does not say anything of meaning. The inaccuracy of mainstream reporting lends itself to false interpretation and thus gives birth to a multitude of conflicting stories. The UK Column tells it as it is and sends the paper to the houses of parliament for interested members to read, and apparently they do and in lots of cases support the views.

People ask 'What can I do?' Well here is one thing 'ONE' can do and that is support an independent paper, increase its circulation and give it some 'power'. I get nothing for making these statements other than the knowledge that I am passing on 'good' info and the continuation of the paper means I get to read it.

It is a message to the PTB that 'You cannot keep a good man down'.

Namaste, Phil:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


How many of you know about treason - other than 'the gun powder plot' Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606).
I am of course talking about, among other things 'royal assent': 'The granting of royal assent refers to the method by which any constitutional monarch formally approves and promulgates an act of his or her nation's parliament, thus making it a law.'
Another is 'the royal prerogative', this one is far more complex yet there are sections to this bill that is important to you and I. namely: 'The dissolution of Parliament, which is "perhaps the most important residual prerogative exercised personally be the sovereign, and represents the greatest potential for controversy". This prerogative is normally exercised at the request of Parliament and the prime minister, either at his or her discretion or following a motion of no confidence. The last time the monarch unilaterally dissolved Parliament was in 1835, when Earl Grey resigned as prime minister; although he had a fully functioning cabinet capable of carrying on without him, William IV chose to force it out of office.'

An example of what I an going on about is:
In 1999, Queen Elizabeth II, acting on the advice of the government, refused to signify her consent to hearing of the Military Action Against Iraq (Parliamentary Approval) Bill, which sought to transfer from the monarch to Parliament the power to authorize military strikes against Iraq. Due to the Crown's refusal to consent to the bill's hearing, it was automatically dropped. However, because the Bill had been introduced under the Ten Minute Rule, it never stood any chance of being fully debated by Parliament, and it does not represent a test of what may happen if a future government introduced other legislation affecting the reserve powers of the Crown.

Well the above being the case, we would not have been in a war in Iraq! So what happened?

Something did, didn't it?
I say, but not solely on this example - TREASON.
There has been a plot by, nearly if not all, prime ministers for quite some time and I suggest you look around and see what you find. Try starting with 'A case for treason' By Albert Burgess.

Why should we care?
Well for one it is imperative to understand our own position. We who are born in what we call the United Kingdom are sovereign. When the government speak of sovereign in bills, acts or statutes they are speaking of 'US ALL'. It is why we call our monarch sovereign, not because it is a greater title or it bestows anything, it is because we see our monarch as 'equal'. The power bestowed on the monarch is and always has been given by the people; sovereign. Just note this one thing if you do not wish to believe anything else I say. Power cannot be given by those who do not have power. Those who do not have cannot give. I hope you remember this because the power or authority that is lent to the monarch is lent by US ' We the People'.

This is a secret the powers that be; government, do not want you to understand, because if you do they know you will be able to control them, as opposed to the other way round.

The treason then comes from usurping the power of the monarch, and thus the people, so that a government free for all can go ahead unabated. This translates in to a tyranny - here in the UK, Anarchy of the government, is this what you want?

You already know that many laws passed over many years have reduced your rights down to a bare minimum and this is set to avalanche; because we are starting to catch on to what is going on.
One of the biggest treacherous acts has been the handing of power to Europe , it started with the EEC and is now the EU. Our constitution states that it is TREASON to hand power over the peoples of Britain to a foreign power.
YES! we do have a constitution and it 'IS' a written constitution. It is true that there are unwritten constitutional aspects but this is only true because they were not included the first time round. The constitution had been a part of every child's education up to the late 50's and shortly there after. Children today are taught that we do not have a written constitution and as such IS part of the governments treason.

Blair did not commit treason? if this is true, why did he have the treason laws repealed just before he left office - I believe 'smoking gun' GUILTY. If only we had a 'STRAIGHT' legal system; if we had (B'LIAR) T Blair would be behind bars right now and we would be prosecuting a few hundred others for 'WAR  CRIMES'.
I believe with every bone in my body that this WILL happen one day, so those involved, do not get too comfortable - the sovereign is coming to get you.