Friday, September 16, 2011


The latest news we have been getting is that Greece may be about to default on their 'LOAN'.
Now I am no fool, Greece has for thousands of years managed to trade with the rest of the world quite well, until, that is, they joined the EU.

Does anyone see the LINK that I see. Germany is another, for centuries they have managed to build enough capital and start more wars than I have blackheads, YES we all have them. Now until they joined the EU the Deutschmark didn't do too badly, well they may have to leave the EU.
Oh there are many other countries in the EU that want out, that is the PEOPLE want out but the governments of the respective countries want in.


One may ask - and one will not get an answer from 'their' government because it is none of our business!
Well, we may get an answer, but then it is thought by the MPs and all, that 'just about any answer will do', we're too stupid you see. 
TELL them what they will believe it doesn't have to be the truth, just 'WING IT'.
The EU is not for the people it is against the people, I don't see laws that affect the politicians, DO YOU?

Some say they are people just like us and they have to abide by the law as we have to. Poor uninformed sleepers - I prefer the term 'IDIOTS'.
Some say it's for the good of the majority, sure some will suffer but it's for the best. That is until it is THEM that are in the minority, the tune quickly changes its pitch.

What do I say?
The government is happily plodding along making decisions, passing laws and doing what they feel is best for us - Hold on, that sounds OK. They plan streets and build roads they give those on the unemployment line money so they don't starve, they create rules for employers. Hang on a minute, are the government good after all?
They provide a police service, ambulance, education, hospitals - No No this can't be right, something is wrong why would I think these people are ass-wipes.
AHhhh I have it, I had my sleeper hat on the programming started to kick in again, they do continue to push this stuff down our throat at every opportunity.

Here's the real deal.
It is the PEOPLE the ones that PRODUCE things for a living that do all the above, have you ever seen a politician dig a road, shovel shit in the sewers, patrol the streets for thugs and criminals?
Do they earn a living that PAYS for the unemployed?
Yes they earn a living but it comes DIRECTLY out of our 'We the Peoples' POCKET.

Now the government has made it quite clear that they will NOT take a salary cut for AUSTERITY and that it has to be the working 'stiff' that has to take the load.

So let me get this right:
It is US the working STIFFS that earn the money that makes this country run: TICK
It is US the working STIFFS that do all the work, roads, rail, engineers etc: TICK
It is US the working STIFFS that pay the council, government and services salaries: TICK
It is US the working STIFFS that fight in wars we have no idea of the reason: TICK

What PART of this life we lead does the government actually serve the people?
Wasn't that the idea? Here we have a heavy heavy top structure of 'MANAGEMENT' types earning a massive amount of 'LOLLY' yet they produce nothing, ZILCH - Nadda - Bugger all. They 'SAY' they pay TAX but that is a downright LIE, Their salaries come directly from TAXES - OUR money, so for them to say they pay back part of what they earn in TAX is absurd - THAT TAX goes into a pot that eventually goes BACK into their pocket - 'PLEASE SEE THE IRONY IN THAT' if nothing else Please think about it.
Your Great grandfather / mother fought in a war that was supposed to 'END ALL WARS' your Grand father / mother may have fought in the last world war, your father and mother has been providing money to this government for years, probably, YET  - YOU the youth of today are having ALL that those people have fought, slaved and paid for taken away.

I HAD freedom in my youth, there were INDUSTRIES that would take people off the streets, train them and pay them for a days work, one could quit one job and find another just down the street it was possible to up root and go travelling for a year or two and then return, find another job and life went on. But NOW all this is going going - GONE.
At 18 I could get married and have children, I could just about afford to buy a house and if I couldn't there were plenty of rented or council houses for the majority of the population but NOW this is going the way of many things in this country - DOWN the DRAIN.

Show me a politician that is having to tighten the belt, No not the ones who are DECENT, honest I am talking of those thousands of politicians who are in it for the MONEY, they RAPE your bank accounts and they sodomise our children they CHEAT on your TRUST and just for the HELL of it they tell YOU you must PAY for the problems they are causing.

If you think all is well - DO NOTHING and PLEASE do not switch sides when the Shit Hit the Fan.
If you like me think it is time to get these idle bastards out of office, find a group that opposes the government and start to protest.

Do it peacefully but do it.AND remember these IMMORTAL WORDS.

First They Came - Pastor Martin Niemoller

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

There is NO time like the present - WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING before there is no one left to do anything.

Namaste, phil;