Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have, on occasion, been stopped by the policymen and on occasion been cautioned, have been in court, stood my ground against all comers; authorities and corporations and on all but a few occasions 'WON'.

Because in my 'HEART of HEARTS' I AM a FREE-MAN.

Even when I had no idea of what being a freeman was. Being a FREEMAN is instinctive, pushing against those that wish to control and putting them 'fairly in their place' is what being a freeman / woman is all about.

There are NO rules to being born and there are no rules that keep me living, save consuming food, air and water. These three things are all I need to continue in existence on this planet, AND are FREE?

Yes everything I require to survive is FREE!
I have chosen to live under shelter and eat food that has been, until now, convenient.
I partake in products that have travelled far to get to me and I know I have to PAY for these things.
I understand and am willing to be a part of such a society, and given the choice I would BE a willing part of it.


We all come under the same laws and have equal access to those LAWS, YET there is an interloper; a comer inner, something that stands in my way that denies me access to all that I am eligible and it is ‘AUTHORITY’.

Somewhere, sometime, it seems there is/was a group that believe(s/d) I am incapable of fending for myself and has taken it upon themselves to ‘MANAGE’ me!; my life, from cradle to grave and I do not accept this edict.

How this has come about is no mystery to me or to those others we call FREEMAN / WOMAN.

It is the 'FREEDOM' that we have been ‘GIVEN’ by those who think they are in control that I do not agree with, I can accept to a degree that there are things I need not concern myself with. We elect ‘managers’ to control aspects of our lives that are beneficial to us all, this is true. What has been happening over the years is that those elected ‘managers’ have run out of things to do, have employed close relatives, given jobs to the ‘BOYS’ and fed theirs and their own egos to the point that they believe they are ‘MORE’ than those that elected them.
Because there are more people in ‘MANAGEMENT’ than there are tasks, they have ‘INVENTED’ more tasks. A hierarchy developed and the rest is, as it were, HISTORY.

The solution is to devolve the power structure and maintain a working ‘MANAGEMENT’, however those who started this cycle forgot to pass down the information pertaining to ‘WHO holds the real POWER’. So when the people cottoned on to the transition of power, moves where made to redress it.

This is the REASON for FREEMEN / WOMEN, but those who hold office in this ‘OUR’ country are under the impression that we TOLD them we do not want POWER and that they MUST control all aspects of our lives, they have become comfortable, nay, accustomed to it and will fight to maintain this position at all costs, all the laws, statutes and acts are placed there as weapons to protect their positions.

Anyone who protests and fights against those who weild these weapons, in whatever way they believe is right, ARE FMOTL (Free men / women on the land).

The documents and scripts on many forums are methods, so far, employed at redressing the ballance of power and are by no means the only way.

Your TASK, if you chose to accept it, is to research and find ways to make being in power uncomfortable and an iritant, until remedy is gained.

Hope this is understandable.

Namaste, phil;

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I 'HAVE' refrained from saying this -- till now

This video is disturbing, violent and will raise some temperatures.
Brothers, and I STRESS 'SISTERS' yes there is a reason for this. this is the 'PLANET' we live on.

I do not live in the northren hemisphere, UK nor britain I am not english nor am I yorkshire I do not speak english and I do not, until now understand violence.

I, am an earthling I live in the vicinity of the solar system 3 planets from the sun. I thought I was Human but I am not, I am 'SENTIENT'.

In this video you will witness courage and restraint of a peaceful nation, a people who are the backbone of their respective countries. These are my fellow Earthlings. among them are mothers, fathers, son's and daughters. WHY are they in this video?


They are there! who has said they cannot occupy THAT space at that time?

Now here is my statement. AND I hope the authorities and especially the POLICE (policymen and women) are reading this.
In this video you witness an attack of epic proportions 'slaughter' that has those involved enjoying, languishing and relishing in BEATING, harming, provoking and herding.
These are not the actions of any species that I know to roam the surface of this planet. They are WAY beyond thugs or animals they are the creation of the 'GOVERNMENT'.
Can I put it any worse, well I don't have to and I have restrained myself from mentioning the word 'NAZI's' so I will continue to exercise that restraint.
What I can say is, that we see this everyday in the UK. NO, not to this extreme but we see the potential sat behind the desks and counters of our council offices and we see them in their uniforms pretending to care for us. 'Oh there are some good ones.

I lay down the gauntlet to those that purport to be one of the good-uns
WATCH this video and tell me you think it is reasonable, justified, in the best interest of the country. AND I know when it happens in the UK (Albion) YOU will be among the beaters and harmers - and you will have to live for the rest of your days knowing that you made that choice. IT IS THAT you wished to happen and you - 'INDIVIDUALLY' - brought it about.
On the other hand if you where affected by this video - I ask you as a fellow Earthling. PLEASE throw down your uniform and LEAVE your post. DO it NOW!

I will tell you all, this 'IS' coming to the UK but we can stop it or at least make it more bearable. This video regardless as to WHY this took place - it could be anything - IT REALLY DOESN'T matter, HAS to be forwarded to everyone even this message if you like. It is time we stood up for our fellow Earthling and destroyed all that 'MEAN' to do us harm.

The authorities have started to wound, maim and kill us. There are members of this site who can attest to this personally, so it is NOT that far from home. The authorities HAVE declared 'WAR' on its sovereign sentients, they want us dead.
Were I in this video at this time I would have walked up to the police and stood in front of their guns and told them to shoot. I would look them in the eyes and tell them I am NOT afraid of death and 'SHOOT ME' I dare you 'Just DO IT'. I will get this opportunity and I will do it with PRIDE unafraid and at the right side of my conscience or (god) and I know who would be by my side.

Namaste, phil;