Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't get mad get even

One of the most fatal programs that are currently under way is one that the majority of people are ignoring.
What is it? Well before I make the statement I would like to add a preamble: These things are being done in front of our faces, in plain sight. Most people do not want to understand what is being done to them. Maybe this is fear; maybe they have been (miss) informed as to what this stuff is. However the facts are ‘IN’ Scientists, professors, ordinary people are attempting to get to the bottom of this problem and are finding it difficult. Why? Because there are not enough people asking the questions, there are not enough people getting involved, people are following the pied piper to the trap and they think they are safe to do this.
Simply because they are told ‘IT’S OK’. 

I am, of course talking about ‘Chemtrails’ yes, a subject that many know of but put it down to ‘conspiracy theory.’ Well I have news for you, this is no conspiracy theory it is conspiracy fact.
The cons; for those who wish to debunk this statement.
Here is your ammo. Why would they do it to themselves? They are vapour trails! There are no serious data suggesting a chemical spaying regime. It is to protect us from global warming. It is a new technology that is designed to protect us.

The answer to these questions is quite simple and really turns the questioner on their heads.
In the past, conspiracy theorists have been bombarded with, ‘where’s the proof?’ and ‘how do you know?’ Statements about the individuals’ mental state have been made. Your nuts, right. Well now I wish to ask this to those who don’t believe in Chemtrails.
If this is not happening, despite the evidence above your head, why are we finding it difficult to get our questions answered? It isn’t as if our governments are not talking about and producing documents on ‘Chemtrails’ they are. However decades down the line we are still unsure as to what is going on and no one in authority is willing to say anything in public. Now if you have voted recently you will have helped put those in power, in power, YOU put them there, didn’t you? So why when a question is asked about what they are doing in the name of science are they unwilling to answer?
Is it because there is a higher power that we don’t know about or is it because the answer is too embarrassing and if we found out we would be ‘very cross?’

The US is active as are UK and other countries around the world in trying to get to the bottom of this problem, most of the data is coming from this quarter so I will state a few of their data. Not to say that this is any different here I the UK, I think they are the same: on a larger scale in the US because of the size of the continent.
10 to 20 million tons of aluminium are currently being spayed over the US; the effect of this is unknown to the authorities. They say there are ‘unknown unknowns’ and this is how science gets its answers. However the effect is being seen daily on the farms and on the islands off the coast of the US. Hawaii is experiencing crop failures due to the concentration of aluminium in the soil and the bark of the coconut trees are softening. Already farmers are being offered genetically modified seed that is resistant to the aluminium levels. Now if this was a natural phenomenon how come corporations have managed to get ahead of this problem?
Either they knew about a problem that is affecting the whole planet and they have sat on it or they knew about the problem because they have a hand in its manufacture. I know what I think, what do you think?
Here is something to ponder and investigate for yourself.
If a crop needs to be resistant to anything it could be ‘BUGS’, now they can be a problem, what about lead? There are millions of cars spewing out lead in their exhaust or what about drought, I can see a benefit, short term, in this but WHY aluminium? Is there that much aluminium in the atmosphere that we need to genetically modify crops to resist it? Crops don’t grow well in soil that is overly concentrated with aluminium and in Hawaii the atmospheric levels are thousands of percent over ‘accepted levels’.
Here is the smoking gun.
Aluminium resistant gene patent #7582809
Granted on September, 1st 2009
Developed at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
WHY? What is it they are not telling us?

Current research on what is being sprayed from the sky is Aluminium, Barium, Strodium and Orgonite particles in the megaton volumes per continent.

I suggest one takes a look at: Poisoning The Planet - Chemtrails: What are they Spraying?

Once you have done this consider writing a few letters to your MP or senator or president or prime minister. Some may wish to gather evidence and start criminal proceedings against the authorities or aircraft companies that are spraying this stuff.
I know one thing for sure that when we find out, and it is bad, the people and companies that are involved are in for a rude awakening. Maybe they have read this, regardless, they DO know what they are doing and there is no ‘presumption of ignorance’ if you are part of the company you are involved and will suffer the consequences for not making it clear that you disagree with what is being done.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who do you think you are?

Well for this first post I am going to attempt a stab at what we are ‘actually’.
So let’s start with the political version:

You are English, American, Dominican, Asian Etc. Your colour determines your race, ethnicity or where your ancestors come from.
Where you live is determined by where you where born and if not you have a document stating where you were born along with your race or ethnicity.
What you are capable of is determined by the state or organisation you where educated at.
What you know is determined by the region you live in. Some are more informed than others because media outlets conform to different sets of rules, and in some cases you are better informed because of a title that has been bestowed upon you through education, career path, circle you gravitate to and finances.

Who you wish to be!
This is a controversial topic, because most do not think they are being manipulated, however, like it or not we are! Being manipulated: By WHOM? To put it in a nutshell – Corporations.
Not all Corporations are manipulative, most if not all the large Corporations are. Psychology is the marketing arm of most large Corporations and tests a multitude of effects that manipulate the difference between truth and deceit, actual and pretence.
If you don’t believe that, think a moment, what is your favourite drink? Oh, you will be able to do that easily and will be able to explain why, I am sure or will you? What part of your explanation comes from YOU! What image appears when you think of your favourite tipple, most individuals think happy thoughts when they choose their products, but just how did those thoughts get into your head?

Today, we live in an advertising world and we are being told what is good for us and what is not. We gain knowledge about why things are bad for us from the very Corporations that sell us the "good things". Our governments (A Corporation) legislate against ‘EVIL’ threats to our health and support the good things. YET, behind this fa├žade is the ingenious psychology of making profit from selling things that would normally fail at the starting post. Why do we buy them? Because the celebrities have endorsed them, we secretly wish to become stars; celebrities, and one way to get there is to do what the celebrities do. NO! Not all of us are like this but those of us that aren’t are in the minority. Are YOU? Ask yourself, ‘Why is there an abundance of celebrities advertising?’ The answer will not come in the form of ‘Well they know what they are talking about or they use the products themselves’. Why isn’t that the answer? Because they don’t and they don’t. They are paid stooges for the Corporations and the Corporations know that if YOU see celebrities wearing, drinking or using their products YOU will too.
SO, you wish to be a corporate stooge, Eh! Otherwise known as a celebrity. This is a rouse to get you to wish to be in their shoes, be like them and have what they have.

What you are NOT!
Someone else! You are not your neighbour or the screen god/dess you last drooled over’ husband/wife. You are not a tool to be manipulated at the Corporations’ whim. AND you are NOT free.

So who and what are you?
You have no ethnicity or race; you are a child of the universe, no less.
You are human and all humans, to my knowledge are born free on this planet Earth. You belong here and are free to roam its surface at will. There are NO borders that need to be crossed and your neighbour is someone who welcomes and interacts with you. You are what it is within you to be.
When you were born you relied upon the human race in general to accept you as an equal, you mother and father to nourish you and your siblings to care for you. Where you were born, the Earth, your spirit is universal and your soul is part of the universal assembly. You were born free and remain, to this day, free.

What should you do now you have this information?
  • Reject authority that serves to imprison you to a place known as a country.
  • Question all those who strive to keep you ‘in place’.
  • Regard all those in your immediate vicinity as your family and those who are further away as your potential family.
  • Choose who wish to genuinely assist you over those that wish to manipulate you.
  • Reverse the programming through advertising by choosing to deny them access to your psyche: If they can afford the advertising budget they do not need your custom.
  • Accept your fellow mans skill by observation: certificates are no measure of skill.
  • Educate yourself and pass on what you have learned, accept knowledge and test its validity for yourself.
  • Reject those who say they are in power, unless the majority have placed them there and they say and do as they have promised, NO COMPROMISE.
  • Keep your mind on things that affect your community, those of other communities are doing the same.
  • Reign in you councillors and get them to answer for their deeds.

This is not an exhaustive list but it will help to slow down the enslavement of mankind.
Those in power use our ego to enslave us. For those who do not know who the powers that be are. They are you, yes you, by creating rules and getting you to follow them you join the ranks of the powers that be. If a rule is unjust it should be ignored and not enforced. Those that are in the services should ask themselves, ‘If I do what I do now in my own village, would I be looked on as a hero or as a oppressor, when I aim my weapon at another person am I sure that that person is guilty or have I just been told they are’ by doing what they do gives the opposition the right to do it to their family; I would rather concern myself with a just and peaceful society than create war in a place I would never live. As for the police, you are enforcing unjust laws on your own people and this includes your family; your wife, children, father, mother grandchildren and future generations. The mindless and unthinking oppression of your fellow man is unforgivable – Stop switching off when you get to work and start to serve as you had promised 'on your OATH.'

You are who you say you are. Live the way of peace - live according to the common law; Do no harm, do not decieve others, do as you say you will do. These are the ONLY laws of the land and all that is required.

Reject the corrupt leaders and place them in eternal shame, write your truth on these matters and publish them with names to show the future generations that these, bushes, blair (b(liar)), obama, brown, wilson, heath, clinton and I would add the tyrant of the second world war but for the fact I wouldn't wish to compare him with these others they are far worse, because they KNOW what they have done and haven't had the guts to do themselves in COWARDS to a MAN.