Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charlie veitch – ‘TRAITOR’

Am I one to jump to conclusions? NO!

Charlie has been gotten at, I believe the PTB have in some way threatened Charlie and is using him as a front man which in my humble opinion is puts him on the level equal to Tony B(liar), Cameron, brown, Obama, the queen et al.

Ok, we do not know for sure, sure if he has been threatened and is acting to protect himself and or his family. Well and I am sure my wife would not like to hear this, but I would not under any circumstances cow tow to the powers that be, I would rather be Hogg tied and beaten with a totem pole of pineapples. I would not compromise my beliefs that the PTB are colluding to murder innocents, imprison us in our country, and bring about a world tyranny.

The acts that Charlie is now participating in go beyond the limits of submission. He is actively collaborating with those who he has been fighting against in the past.(Prepare the tar and feathers)

Regardless of what Charlie is saying now, I still believe the ‘Love Police’ are doing a great job, however if Charlie Is still an active member of the ‘Love police’ then I will no longer take their contribution to the freedom movement seriously.

I now do not take great pleasure in doing this but I, for my part, declare Charlie Veitch ‘PERSONA NON GRATA’ He has now become an enemy of the state.

What he needs to do now is come out with the real reason he has turned 180 degrees and ‘WARN’ us that he is no longer able to make any serious comments due to being manipulated. 
But NO! He will be appearing on the British Bullshit Corporation (BBC) indoctrination program.
I am sorry for what you are having to go through Charlie, but you have made your bed – You now have to lay in it.
Namaste, phil;

Then again, and a reminder from a great mind treeman from FMOTL
"Conceal me what I am , and be my aid For such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent."
He could just be right and I hope I am wrong

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

uk face colder harsher winters

Alastair Stevenson uk ibtimes | July 5, 2011 4:26 PM GMT reports that we in Britain ‘MAY’ soon be forced to contend with much harsher winters.

This blogger has said many times over the last 25 years that the climate-change; global warming, scam is a whole mess of horse shit. 
Now Alistair reports what he sees and I don’t have a problem with what he says. What I hold in contempt is the flagrant lies we have been told for all these years, so, well done Alistair and thank you for bringing this topic to my attention again.

We are now being told, after being told we should expect the GLOBE; hereafter referred to as Earth, to get warmer, not only in the summer but ‘on the whole’. I understand the message, however when I was a young boy we were told at school the Earth or more specifically ‘Great Britain’ (Albion) is heading for a mini ice age; I believe the scientists ruminate that we brits in the early 60’s were going to have short memories, and Oh is that another story, however they thought we might have forgotten this SMALL factoid, well I specifically haven’t and I can assure you my early education was not that good but better than today’s education.

Here we are in 2011; whod’ve thought it. Not only have we been force fed the Global warming they, whoever ‘THEY’ are, probably the same crowd who are telling us this now, suggested that their forecasts were not meant to be WARMING but, rather ‘CHANGE’. I can accept the alteration of ‘warming to CHANGE’, however as hard as I may try I cannot get my head round the change from 'Global' to ‘CLIMATE’, It’s a mystery to me.

Well like I say we are in 2011 and we have accepted, well some have, 'global warming' is now 'climate change'. In another post I stated climate change is another phrase for ‘seasons’. Only now to be told that the Global warming now climate change is back full circle to british (Albion) mini ‘Maunder minimum (1645 to 1715)’ Not quite ICE AGE but colder than it has been for a few years. 

Well if you aren’t confused yet, hold on I believe it gets worse.
Although we are heading for a ‘Maunder minimum-ish’ period we are not necessarily going to get really cold winters all the time, we might get a ‘PEAK’ warm period as had happened in the original ‘Maunder minimum’. 
So what they are actually saying is that they got it right in the 60’s, the first time round,  but there might be a 1 in 7 chance that we will get a warm period and it will be only transient; not lasting.

Okay, this is all well and good but we will still be having to keep our pensioners warm and our children fed, and warm. Could we not just fire these jackass scientists NOW and save ourselves billions of pounds in circular arguments and waste of time government departments?

If we had stuck with the original study and spent the money wasted over the last 40 years on things like housing or jobs, or our steel industry, or even agriculture the coming colder temperatures would not be so bad, we may even have had enough time to prepare for it. But no they have dug a hole so deep advocating the ‘HEAT’, it’s getting hotter don’t breath, your farts are killing the planet. 

It just goes to show, the proposed carbon taxes are to cover the costs of their incompetence of the last 40 years and nothing to do with CO2 after all.
I think I will invest in duvet.

Namaste, phil;

Monday, July 4, 2011

Absent fathers who won’t pay child support face losing their driving licences

Ha HAaaa! Caught you.
Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith, IS a wanker
 On SOoooo many levels.
Where does one start. Well let’s start by calling Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith a wanker. Oh I already did that. The MAIL Online  picture of him highlights this adequately by the photo of his interpretation of how small his ‘NUTS’ are.

Not insulted yet? Well He started it.

So on to the list of blunders this moron has stumbled upon. No actually he gave these much though, really, only a ‘FIRST CLASS TOSSER’ would have failed to see the mistakes in this piece of shite legislation, or proposed legislation. Not that we take any notice of inappropriate bullshit rules these wannabe politicians attempt to intellectualise.

#1 Petrol purchase reductions (TAX)
May be small, however, those who pay their children’s upkeep will have further petrol hikes to cover for this incompetence.
#2 Loss of licence loss of cars. The car salesmen must be looking for ways to reduce their sales. (NOT) Again the cost will be passed on.
#3A already public transport system is about to get a boost, Guess what more travel more busses. They might reduce the cost for public transport. LMFAO
#4 Tyres, insurance, MOT, parking revenue, registrations, FPN need I go on?
#5 The ‘other’ parent has now got an even worse problem.
#6 Does the father need his car for his job?
#7 It insinuates that absent mothers PAY for their children. Or do they claim benefits, so we PAY?
#8 Due to many women, NOT all, not being sure who the father is, are we to assume DNA tests would be carried out to verify the father, and if they aren’t who ‘ultimately’ pays for the test. OH! The tax payer.
#9 What about fathers who have set up trust accounts for their children?
#10 Does the proposed legislation solve the problem?
#11 Once the father starts to pay does he get his licence back? And WHO pays for the administration?
#12 They aren’t guaranteed to be able to find the father? So it is not effective in all cases
#13 Will it be means tested and who pays for the administration?
#14 The proposed stress on the broken family unit will be strained even further and the child will lose out even more

I won’t bore you any further; this is a problem, I have no doubt however for the government to get involved and criminalise yet another factor of life is just another nail in the coffin of freedom. It is a fact this has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen even after legislation is passed, only now there will be more work for an already overstretched civil service, and they are being cut anyway in the austerity measures. Or so we are told.
Every child MATTERS was the mantra of the government, regardless of who said it, however because that lot are out it seems to have been forgotten.

“David Cameron will this week confirm the first major reduction in Britain’s £4.5 billion-a-year war in Afghanistan…”
David Cameron is also a bare faced liar because the reduction he speaks of is to allow for a 1 billion pound shortfall for this year (2011).
Hold on a second – WHAT is important the war against the threat of TERRORISTS or pulling out troops to save money? Oh, I know we spoke to the terrorists and they have promised to do fewer sorties, Ok so we won’t need to spend so much money.
How about pulling the troops out of ‘ALL’ conflict situations and spending the money IN this country?
I am sure there are fewer children than troops, so the cost would be much less, and would help out these families and more. Maybe produce a few more jobs here. How about reinvigorating our ‘INDUSTRY’?

4.5 Billion and I am only speaking of Afghanistan what about the other wars, how much have we wasted and how much more could we have done where it not for the conflicts in : Libya, Bahrain, Iraq.
Who ‘paid’ for the children and who ‘pays’ for the children who lose their fathers and mothers in these past and current conflicts?

Maybe ‘we the people’ should start thinking about what we have gained from all the above conflicts and who we should start prosecuting for war mongering, Maybe Works and Pensions Minister Iain ‘fucking’ Duncan Smith should state where our ‘Pension money’ has gone or where our ‘Industry’ has gone, maybe just maybe he ought to ‘DO the job ‘we the people’ require of him to do and stop interfering with and fucking up the rest of our economy.

I say Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith, fuck off and when you get there fuck off again.
Oh, did I mention Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith … you got it, it’s now the mantra of the people by the people for the people. Is a wanker.
Namaste, phil;


The text for this video is supplied by ‘Russia today’ and my comments are the truth as I know it and I stand by them.
“Three men convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in New York have each been sentenced to 25 years in prison. But the case has raised allegations of entrapment, after they were actually incited by the FBI, and handed fake bombs. ­Critics claim it was a set-up, but the judge said her hands were tied…”
This type of operation has been happening for many years now and has to stop.

TERRORISTS are in fact ‘NOT’ terrorists they are people who are unhappy with the involvement of foreign governments in their country.
Foreign intervention: – this bloggers definition of foreign intervention is as follows:
“Intervening in a countries economy for the benefit of the invading country, whilst charging the invaded country its natural resources for the intervention.”

The reason for the intervention is manipulated by the invader, under the guise of helping the invaded country. It is, from the outset a covert declaration of WAR.
The USA and Britain are the worst offenders of this type of stratagem.
The judiciary are in this scam ‘up to their necks’ The judge in this case states her hands were tied’. This is a typical response from an individual who is clearly manipulated and shows the justice system for what it really is ‘A CLUB’.

“For nearly a decade, the US has waged a widespread global war on terror. It has required a multi-tasking military effort overseas. “
The true terrorists are without doubt, ‘HOME GROWN’ and are most definitely those within our / your own governments, possibly colluding with the victims’ government. So the war on terror is easy to combat – No more wars overseas, No more manipulating / rigging elections overseas.
For those who do not believe that your / our government don’t rig elections, do some easy research in your own town to see that your elected representative actually represents the majority of the voting public, or is towing the political line of the central party.
As for the has required a multi-tasking military effort overseas.” This statement is rhetoric and has no substance in its meaning. It sounds good, however it is ‘CRAP’.
The military is and always will be ‘do as I say and not as I do!’ Load a rifle and fire it, how complicated does it have to be – unless what they meant is, chew gum at the same time.

“On the domestic front, US officials have decided to redouble their efforts, recently announcing counter-terrorism plans that refocus resources on combating home-grown plots. "This is the first counter-terrorism strategy that focuses on the ability of Al-Qaeda and its network to inspire people in the United States to attack us from within, “John Brennan, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor declared recently.”
John Brennan is quite clearly lying; Define the statement ‘home grown’. The reports follows with:  

Yet in countless so-called FBI sting operations, media reports suggest the FBI operative provided the fake C4, and actually showed them the fake stinger missile. The inspiration to attack America has sometimes come from a government-paid informant working to orchestrate the plot…”
We know that these operations include highly paid informants who would say anything the authorities wish to hear. I would go as far as to say these individuals are persuaded to say what the authorities want to hear. “Here’s another million dollars! Now what did you say?”

The proof is in what Brennan states:
"This is the first counter-terrorism strategy that focuses on the ability of Al-Qaeda and its network to inspire people in the United States to attack us from within,…”
Here he admits we know who is involved. The statement reads well and is made with carefully analysed and structured use of language. For those who do not recognise his true intent: the real statement is hidden in the and its network. In the context of this case the victims are the four black guys (sorry for using this terminology, it is a term I feel is comfortable with and not insulting). These guys have been prosecuted and goaled yet there is no mention of the individuals who supplied them with the information, the equipment, the finances or the target: Nothing to see here, move on. What moron would only follow the ground troops and ignore the financiers, the suppliers and the point men? Well Okay I know we are talking about the FBI, they aren’t the sharpest tools in the box.
This is a “counter terrorism strategy?”, well for a “counter terrorism strategy” its ‘SHITE’.
AND “Al-Qaeda, don’t make me laugh. Oh! Sorry are we still falling for this? We might as well say the CO2 is a man-made global greenhouse gas or wind turbines are efficient or the Japanese nuclear disaster was an accident. Oh boy! The powers that be really don’t think much of us do they?

“Yet in countless so-called FBI sting operations, media reports suggest the FBI operative provided the fake C4, and actually showed them the fake stinger missile. The inspiration to attack America has sometimes come from a government-paid informant working to orchestrate the plot. Critics of this tactic say it was exercised in a New York case dubbed the "Newburgh Four". The suspects -- poor, illiterate, African-American Muslims -- were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism, and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting US terrorist attacks. "There was no direction by a foreign entity or terrorist group," said Joseph Demarest, the head of the FBI's New York office in May 2009. Instead direction came from Shahid Hussain. a Pakistani immigrant on the FBI payroll. He was reportedly paid $100,000 for his services.”
Good on the ‘MEDIA’ its time they grew a backbone.

I am not a proponent of ‘an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth’ however we see here an organisation who are willing to put countless lives at risk for the sake of a couple of ‘shiny coins’ coins I may add that will eventually end up covering their eyes, as in ‘pennies for the boatman’.
Those involved in setting this crime into motion would see their children killed for a few more ‘shiny coins’ and are not ever to be trusted, I speak of the FBI and all the other alphabet boys clubs. I will not stop there because there are government departments outside of the alphbeti spaghetti organisations involved and are painted with the same brush. They too would knock over their own mother and reverse to finish the job and then go home to shag a prostitute while their children watch, these are the ‘SCUM’ we have not elected but do the ‘MASTERS’ bidding. Do they KNOW what they do? Of course they do, are we all that simple that we would believe that they are innocent, they do not see what we see. No it’s all about ‘shiny coins’.
As Golem states ‘My precious’.
Any Agent of any government found knowingly or unknowingly supporting the cause to defraud or misinterpret or collude in such acts of terror, regardless of who they are or what their record is should be convicted as abhorrent and unredeemable flotsam and subsequently executed or at the very least imprisoned in a space station orbiting the moon.

Here is the video that this blog was inspired by.