Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Robert Green in court today

Read about it here

My LOVE :love: , Thoughts and support is with them :hug: .
May the infinite universal truth be heard and heeded, for if it isn't we have been abandoned by the very one(s) that we trust implicitly.

This case is central to everything that is going on around the word and will truly start the ball rolling to convicting , naming and shaming those involved and it will pass a current of fear to those others, even if they are not directly involved in this case, that the 'GAME' is up.

Do NOT be, convinced that this case is a 'side show' it is going to set a standard that TPTB will have to take notice of. If I am correct and have read into this correctly this goes deeper than the majority of the UK (world) population realises.

The best thing that can be done by those involved is to take what is coming to them now, it will be far worse if they try to continue to hide the truth.


Regardless as to what 'ANYONE' thinks I am fully aware that there are more involved in bringing about a brighter future for mankind, the ones I talk of are NOT going to take 'NO' for an answer and believe me when the time comes 'JUSTICE' will be meted out in proportion to the deed.
Those involved in this case have a choice 'NOW' to give it up and take what it is 'WE' have to offer them or take the universal punishment for their deeds.
I know which one I would take.
By the way 'DEATH' is no hiding place either. I am 'seriously' serious on this. Not many are aware of what I speak, but I would recommend to those involved, it NOT be ignored.

Namaste, rev;
Oh! and I am not talking about religion or god, God or Christian faith, Buddha or Allah, heaven and hell, I am talking about 'THE REALITY'.
ALL will to be revealed at the right time.