Wednesday, December 28, 2011

spend your time rationally?

Like most I am apparently having erection problems, my wife, daughter and son apparently suffer the same problem.
Something I did not know, but I have for some time been receiving e-mails that refer to my inability to pump blood into my 'rather large' member in the under-pant department.
I wonder HOW these people know that we have this problem?

Thankfully, can report that 'I' do not, cannot and will not vouch for my wife and children.

However, apparently, Viagra is not just for the pant department, see quote below.

"With Generic Viagra you can always spend your time rationally."

This is in a recent e-mail I received.
The mind boggles.

Pop a tablet and go down town, this is obviously what is meant by 'spending my time rationally'.
I wonder if they have ever thought that people pop a tablet and do something else, 'VIAGRA' I wonder what the RATIONAL thing to do after taking a tablet of this type is.

I am so popular though I also get an inordinate amount of offers from young women, who insist I meet them again, or for the first time. They have said in the past that I come highly recommended. I must be popular abroad, it seems all these young voluptuous women talk about is Rev phil; The power of prayer 'DOES' work.

Under 'NO' circumstances are you to comment on this article and attempt to burst my bubble.
Get your own circle of desperate admirers.

Namaste, rev;

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