Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terminal cancer patients,are there alternatives out there

I offer this you-tube video, not because I think it will help those who suffer but because it would be neglegent of me not to at least give others a chance to apply thier own intelegence to this documentary.

It is in the interest, I believe, for the pharmaceutical industry to demonise and eradicate this type of information or at least destroy any credibility this Dr may have.

Cancer, regardless of who you know or what you think is big business and generates billions of pouns a year. This financial windfall has been feeding the cancer research industry for well over 60 years and at present the only positive to come from it is a first world war chemical agent - chemotherapy.

Those that are getting FAT from the proceeds of the generosity of the givers to these 'charities' aught to be ashamed. It is time such plants as cannabis, fungi and compounds such as bicarb or spices be given an airing from the dusty cupboards the have been stagnating in for so long, not of their own accord but because they have been forced into them, simply because they cannot be patented.

Cancer IS profit and the individual is only credited for being able to live long enough to generate above average finances to those that truly benefit.

For those that are suffering, now, I truly simpathise and hope one day before it may be too late for yourselves that the medical profession take that bold step and bring forth what they truly know about this condition.

I URGE you all, not just for my sake but for future generations and for your immediate family to put aside what you have been told, just for a moment so as not to harm your health, to seriously question the statistics behind the current treatments and to investigate the history of the alternatives.

I have lost one family member to cancer and I only wish I had the information I have now to have given her. She WOULD have survived but it was chemo that finished her off. 'My opinion, but with much research'.

You deserve to be given the cure and not just a treatment. IT IS OUT THERE IT TRULY IS.

Namaste, rev;

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